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DevsSpace is an IT company with certified experts to guide you on your way to web development and IT solutions.

DevsSpace has a proven record of successful projects. We promote competitiveness, productivity and success. Excellent customer service and customer satisfaction is our priority.

There are multiple platforms that you can use. Shopify, Magento, Template monster, Elementor, 3DCart, Big-commerce, Woo-commerce, Squarespace, Wix, and many more.

The main difference is that is a regular website you promote the business and in E-commerce website you promote the products.

Our team of experts will be glad to guide to or integrate CRM for you.

A CRM software allows its user to store client data, analyse it, identify lead opportunities and manage marketing campaigns.

The number of keywords and the time that is required to rank certain keywords depends upon the nature of business. It can only be decided after proper research.

To reach more audience in a short time as organically things take time and the results are sometimes not as expected. 

The results start showing after some months but it’s a process that takes time. Time to see results, also depends on the choice of keywords.

The number of emails depends on the customer requirement. But we promise bulk and quick action. 

We can generate the list for you and we can send emails on customer provided list as well.

Yes you will be given all rights and access to monitor the code and development. We are very transparent throughout the time of service. 

The data is safe. We integrate SSL certificates and two way authentication processes to make it as secure as possible. 

This depends on the requirements. Sometimes it takes lesser time and sometimes it takes more. On average one month. 

Yes we have expertise in cloud too based application development as well

We are here to guide you in every possible way. Reach out to us through email, call or fill the form at page “Contact Us”.

To know more about open positions, have a look at the page on our website named “careers”.